How to bill your clients 

ACCA’s Accounting & Business Magazine article on best methods for accountancy practice billing.

Outside the box 

Taking a creative approach to marketing your practice will bring in new business.

ACCA’s The View From Interview

ACCA’s Accounting & Business Magazine features an interview in their Africa Edition with Robert Belle, ACCA who supports SMEs.

Responsible SMP Pacesetters

Responsible SMP pacesetters is based on the findings of more than 40 interviews conducted with SMP leaders from around the world and is aimed to shine a light on the broader social role of the small practices.

This report is designed not merely to recognise this contribution, but to inspire and support the leaders of SMPs to reflect on and enhance their own social responsibility programmes. It also shows how the wider engagement that social responsibility entails can be the catalyst that allows both accountants and their clients in various field to reach their true potential.


Small and medium-sized accounting practices (SMPs)
are a powerful force for public and social good.

What is creativity and can AI automate it?

“Creativity is a means by which we use our unique combination of existence, our thoughts, our questions, our preferences, and bring them out in a unique manner, bringing something different, a new dimension, to a difficult problem.” – Robert Belle

Business Daily Africa:Quarantine Reading

“Books can be a good company when technology drains us. When the strain of staying home begins to creep, reading can help refresh our souls.”

Antiguan man breaking ground in Africa

An Antiguan finance professional living 7,000 miles from home in Kenya has been honoured with a rare appointment to one of the world’s most prestigious bodies.

Books R&B Blog: Q&A with Author Robert Belle

Robert has done a phenomenal job in delivering what he truly wishes to say in a very crystal clear fashion. He has laid out facts and figures in the most layman terms that can be consumed by anyone. He has not only managed to put across his thoughts in a simple form but has been thoroughly genuine and plain throughout the book.


Rediscover lost creativity w/Robert A Belle

How to unlock your suppressed creativity and live abundantly w/Robert A Belle

Do you have creativity within but feel it’s been suppressed in your life? Do you feel as if you don’t quite fit in with your BIG entrepreneurial ideas which makes you give up on them? Are you looking to finally make the impact you’ve always wanted with your desired audience?

Well then you’re probably asking is will this ever happen for me.

Am I too late?

Would I be taken seriously?

Do I have a place in this industry at all to showcase my ideas?

Well then you need to really tune into this convo as Robert A Belle shows you how to unlock the creativity within and finally get those BIG ideas the stage they deserve. You’ll learn:

~How to increase your value in your niche

~How to remain relevant in a noisy market

~How to get the right creativity that makes sense and makes the most impact

These methods just could be a game changer in your path to truly pushing your ideas into reality.

Using creativity to fuel your next breakthrough 

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life! 

How to pursue your dreams

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Have you given up on your dreams? 

Robert Belle talks about how to pursue your dreams and given yourself permission to go after them. He talks about how you can think freely, create unapologetically and live abundantly.

Reclaim your creativity.  

As we grow older, we become more and more attuned to a routine. We have made it so that life is so predictable that we no longer need to be creative or think outside of the box. We live the same lives each day. We either punch in words and numbers into a machine or recite the same spiel. And, worse, at the end of the day, we consume supposedly relevant content from a screen as a form of rest. We have become so used to it that any change would throw us off into a state of fear.

If that pretty much sums up your life, have you ever asked yourself if there was anything more than that monotonous life? Do you not wish you could go back to that same vigour, same passion, and bursts of Creativity when you were a child? We have been so busy trying to catch up with the path society has laid out for us. We have forgotten what it was like to be kids in the process, to be free in thought and be fearless of rejection.

The pandemic has hit us hard in that it’s disrupted the routines we have been preparing for and performing since our adult lives. We have been calling this disruption the “new normal.” Yet, it really is not far from how we used to live if you think about it. The only difference is we are now more isolated than ever before. Should we look to restore the normal we knew then, or should we start creating a normal wherein we are freer and fearless?

In this episode, I have Robert Belle, Champion Of Creativity, Ambassador Of Wellness, and Pursuer Of Excellence. He is a transformational speaker who helps people reclaim their Creativity. Prepare yourself to let your imagination run wild.


Join me as I share my first time experience of buying a car (brand new).

Unlock your creativity to improve your life.  

In episode 20 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Rober Belle on “Unlock Your Creativity To Improve Your Life”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life


Creativity Unleashed: Free Thinking & Abundant Living with Robert Belle

In this episode you’ll hear:

Why creativity isn’t limited to the arts — and how you can blow the lid off your creativity.

What the “Conspiracy of Creativity” means and why unmasking it holds the key to awaken innovation in every part of our lives.

How to define your comfort zone so you know how to bust through it.

Business transformer: bringing the human connection back

Robert Belle on the current challenges facing small businesses, the support he is providing his clients and the transforming role of accountants. 

The Real Deal Podcast with Robert Belle

Tapping into your creativity for exponential growth.



Episode 110 | The nature of creativity and comfort zones

Leveraging Creativity to Live and Work Abundantly, with Robert A. Belle

How does individual creativity lead to both personal and team success?

How to handle the desire for creativity with the demands for productivity?


What should you do to embrace both your creative side and your more structured side? How can you effectively monetize your creative ideas? Why do so many people think they’re not creative?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks to Robert A. Belle about finding the balance between structure and creativity, while expressing your identity and building your brand.

Robert is an accountant with a very creative side, something that people constantly tell him is stereotypically uncharacteristic of accountants. He found himself trapped between two worlds – his finance friends told him he was thinking too much out of the box, while colleagues in creative sectors (marketing, branding, etc.) told him he was too reserved and structured.

Robert feels that those who are struggling to find that balance between the structure and creativity often also struggle with their identity, as people often define or identify themselves in the work that they do or the ways in which they do their work. He addresses this in his book, saying that one’s profession, hobbies, activities, etc. should be an expression of their identity, rather than the source of their identity.

How to get out of your comfort zone & Embrace your creativity

How do you define your creativity? Can you take a risk even when you are scared and everyone else is telling you not to?

Robert Belle is a transformational speaker, mentor, author, and qualified accountant. He calls himself the champion of creativity, the ambassador of wellness, and the pursuer of excellence. He fought against people’s opinions about how he should lead his life and took that risk of quitting his accountancy job to follow his dream.


Championing creativity 

Why do you think creativity is important? 

Unlock the creator within you.

So many people look at themselves and allow certain “limitations” to prevent them from pursuing their dreams and desires.

Robert Belle explains how those “limitations” can help you with being a creative.

Creativity Unleashed: Free Thinking & Abundant Living with Robert Belle

In this episode you’ll hear:

Why creativity isn’t limited to the arts — and how you can blow the lid off your creativity.

What the “Conspiracy of Creativity” means and why unmasking it holds the key to awaken innovation in every part of our lives.

How to define your comfort zone so you know how to bust through it.

Reclaiming Your Creativity 

Your creativity has been stolen! Robert Belle joins the podcast to tell us why we should care… and how to get creativity back.

Creativity During During a Global Pandemic

Creativity is an innate skill that we all possess but so few of us use it to our advantage. Our ability to see new connections between disparate ideas, identify patterns in analogous spaces, express our inner thoughts in a way that resonates with an audience, and inspire emotions in other people evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Creative thinking kept our ancestors alive in a world that was uncompromising and today, creative thinking is an essential tool to keep us mentally and emotionally healthy in a world that is ridden with anxiety, stress, and fear of others. Creative thinking also provides innovative solutions to problems we face. In this interview, I talk to Robert Belle about how to be creative during a pandemic.

Find Your Creativity With Robert Belle | IT 015

Are you a creative person? Do you feel that your creativity is hindered? How do you find your creativity?

But what is creativity really? It’s something that’s original and something that’s useful. It’s about connecting the dots. No one else has the same perception of something, that’s why we are all creative beings.

People who practice creativity a lot tend to have more neurons connection than anyone else, meaning they have a bigger capacity to see ordinary things in a different matter.

Escape The Corporate World: Create The Career of Your Dreams           

If you’re working for an organization and want to climb that corporate ladder, then you’ll need to learn how to play the corporate politics game. But like any game, some are good at it and some aren’t. If your corporate career leaves you stressed out, burned out, or just plain bummed out, you’re not alone. The good news is that there’s a way out and in this episode one man shares his experience of his great escape. 

This episode was produced by Geneva Bell. Sound design & mix by Geneva Bell.  Special thanks to Robert Belle. Season 1 – Episode 7.